12 Tips to Stay Healthy All Year!

12 Tips to Stay Healthy All Year!

I have some tips I want to share with you to help you stay healthy! I have used many of these since I work at a childcare center and have worried about sharing sickness/germs with my kids when they were babies. These ideas can also be used when life returns to normal.  I am sure that we will all be used to our new normal and probably all be germaphobes!

Wash Your Hands

You should be washing our hands when you go to work, when you come home from work, when you come home from running errands, before and after meals and food prep, when you handle kids toys, before and after cleaning..when in doubt wash yo’ hands! Also make sure you are washing the correct way! It’s for a lot longer than you and I think!  See my blog post on ways to help kids see the importance of hand-washing and germs! Click on the link for YouTube video from the CDC on handwashing.

Change your clothes when you come home from work or getting groceries.

We never know what germs we have been around during the day and what ones made it on our clothes. I would always change at least my shirt when I would come home and to my babies to help minimize any extra germs.

Wash your coats, gloves, hats regularly.

These pieces of clothing are around so many people and touch so many things throughout each day! It is important to try to wash or disinfect them through-out the week.

Leave personal belongings at home.

I feel like this is more for our kids and not letting them bring blankets, stuffed animals, toys etc. to daycare or to other people’s houses.  For us adults, it could mean not bringing big purses or backpacks places that we would normally sit on the floor or in a grocery cart.

Cover your cough and sneeze.

This is another simple rule, make sure you are coughing or sneezing into your elbow and then washing your hands. We can eliminate the spread of so many germs by doing this! See my post about how to help teach your kids about it!

Bring your own pen.

This is kind of a silly one but one that was brought to my attention recently.  I was holding parent/teacher conferences a week or so before all this craziness went down and a couple of the parents brought their own pen.  I thought that it was kind of a smart idea, because who knows how many people touch a pen after they have sneezed/coughed and if a pen is ever disinfected.  Mind-blown!

Try to keep your distance from others. 

This goes for around family/friends/and in public.  My husband has taken everything to heart and says he always thinks, “If I would fall down face-first, would I run into them?” Now I know that if you have kiddos at home you cannot keep your distance from them and trying to keep them apart is like trying to pick sand out of carpet, so I wouldn’t stress too much about that…unlike my husband does..haha.

If a family member is sick, keep them in one area of the house.

This is so important when trying to keep the whole family from catching a virus and passing it around.  Designate one part of the house; whether it’s a living room, bedroom, or spare room for that person to use until they are better.  When my daughter had influenza this winter, she was stuck on the couch for almost a week and could only use the hallway bathroom.  We also disinfected all things around her space several times a day and I am proud to say, none of us caught it! Woot woot!

Wash bedding/pillow cases/Change tooth brushes.

All of these things collect so many germs and are touched so often.  It is important to change them out/wash and sanitize them often so they don’t continue to spread germs after you are feeling better.  My mom swears by changing her toothbrush any time she gets sick.

Clean high surface areas often/Spray kids toys at night.

Get some disinfectant wipes and sprays and make sure to wipe door knobs, light switches, counters, handles, and any other items that are touched often.  Another thing I like to do, especially if one of the kids is sick or are just fighting a cold, is spray their toys every night.  This way I feel like they are less likely to spread it to the other, healthy kids.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, water, healthy food to eat.

This is so important! Make sure you are trying to drink water through out the day, eating as healthy as you can, and getting to bed on time or earlier than normal.  I know all these things can be hard to do, but I know I feel better physically and mentally when I try to do all of these!

Stay away from older relatives, babies, and those with a compromised immune system.

Just remember it can be harder for any of these groups to fight off infection so it is better to stay away and when together, to avoid contact. See my post of keeping in touch with others during this time.

All in all, I hope these will help you stay healthy in the weeks ahead and help to form some new habits! Just remember, we are all in this together, think positive, and we will make it through! We got this!

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