7 Hobbies to Start Right Now

7 Hobbies to Start Right Now

There are many ways to stay busy each day, especially when you are stuck at home! The problem is, many of us get stuck in the same routines, doing the same things and get bored! I have came up with a short list of hobbies that are pretty cheap and can be added to your daily and weekly routine!


Reading is something I used to do all the time growing up and before I had kids.  I used to stay up late into the night with a good book.  When I was in school, I would have a book I was reading at home and at school.   Now, I will try to get back into reading and sometimes it works for a handful of books, but then I fall back into my bad habit of looking at my phone instead. I encourage you to pick up a good book and dive in!  Start with a book you have read and loved before, or pick up a new one!  It is a great way to pass the time and keep your brain working!  See my post on some good books to read!


Baking can be a lot of fun and has been known to reduce stress.  It is also fun to try new recipes and eat some good tasting treats!  Just remember, you can always freeze some or give some away so you’re not tempted to eat all of what you made (I am guilt of that!) Once upon a time I used to bake almost every week.  Now I bake every now and then, but have been baking and cooking a lot more recently.  See my post on some easy treats to make with simple ingredients!


Knitting is something my mom taught me to do when I was younger, but I would be scared to mess it up when I tried on my own.  In the past year, I bought all the supplies to start back up, but still haven’t!   There are so many tutorials and patterns to try to follow, I feel like it would be fun and full-filling to finish a project! This is a hobby that I am vowing to try, let’s do it together and see how it goes!



I know that we all probably used to color when we were little, some of us liked to do it and some of us couldn’t care less!  Now that I am grown up, coloring a picture from start to finish can be very relaxing and almost therapeutic!  So go ahead and find a coloring book, (they have ones are adults now) pick your medium, and get started!

Tie- dye

This is another hobby that I am wanting to try, I even bought a tie-dye kit off of Amazon! I do not have a lot of experience with tie-dying, but I feel like I can learn!  There are so many different patterns and ways to try.  This is also something you can do with your kids and family, I am planning on having my daughter help me out!  After I master tie-dying, I want to try to bleach tie-dye…wish me luck!



DIY-ing a craft for yourself or a project in your house is so satisfying and can make you feel pretty good about yourself!  Plus, they each project some time to complete, if you are looking for something to do! I love to go on Pinterest and save some ideas on how to make different wreaths and decorations for my house!



Walking is a simple hobby, it only requires your legs and some shoes!  This is a great way to stay healthy, get some fresh air, and clear your mind!  You can also do it anytime of day and go on your own or with friends, family, or your dog!  Walking is something I love to do, and am working on trying to do it daily.  I always feel better about myself and love to let my mind wander or listen to some good tunes!

I dare you to pick one of these simple hobbies and get started this week!  Please let me know in the comments how they are going and if you have any other simple hobbies to share with us!  Remember, we are all in this together! We got this!

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