5 Toys to Keep Your Kids Busy!

5 Toys to Keep Your Kids Busy!

Sometimes my kids get bored of the same old toys and they find other ways to keep themselves entertained that may not be parent-approved..am I alone in this?  I have included a few toys I have bought in the past couple months to help the kids stay engaged.  I only will take one out at a time and then wait a week or two to get out another one, then hopefully they will think they are all new and fun. (Key-word being hopefully!)


Water Doodle Mat

I heard about a water-doodle mat on a YouTube video, and her girls loved it! When I had some extra money I ordered one! Curly and Little Man really like it! It is so nice because the one I bought comes with 2 pens and a lot of different stencils so there is minimal fighting.  Also, they can color all they want and after awhile it disappears and they can color again. I think this is a great toy to bring out now and then to add some variety!


Play tent

This year for Easter, the Easter bunny brought the kids a play tent. They loved it and played with it for the whole week after!  It was their secret hideout and they would bring their toys, pillows, and blankets in it.  Curly loves to go sit in there for her “tablet time.”   Little Man plays the game where he “hides” in it before bedtime. I think it will be a great addition to the downstairs family room, whenever we get that finished!



I first learned about magnatiles when I was doing some of my observations back in college and thought they were cool!  Our kiddos have gotten a couple different sets over the years for different holidays.  They come with squares, triangles, octagons, semi-circles, wheels, and letter tiles.  Curly has been loving to build balls, bridges, and garages.  Little Man loves to make houses and choo-choos. The possibilities of what they can build are endless!  They are a great toy for kids to play with if you want to keep them busy for awhile!


Bubble Machine

Bubbles can be so much fun, but also a hassle if you are a control freak like me! Curly is 5 and does pretty well with not making a mess.  Little Man, on the other hand, is very opinionated and also very messy!  A bubble machine can be a good compromise! To use the one we have, all you have to do is pour in bubble solution and push a button.  There will be bubbles everywhere in no time!  Bubble machines are a great addition to your outside toy stockpile!


Sand/Yard Toys

For Easter, the kiddos also got a whole bunch of sand and yard toys.  Both of them love to play in sand and also help Dad rake leaves and scoop snow.  They will sit in the sand forever scooping it into dump trucks. These are another great toy to have as an option for outside play!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any of these things at your house and if your little ones liked them!  It can be hard trying to think of different things to do or have for your kids!  In the end, it is good for them to be self-entertained..as long as they are being safe!

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