How I Prep the Night Before to Make Mornings Easier

How I Prep the Night Before to Make Mornings Easier

Do you think mornings suck?  I agree with you, especially when things go wrong and poop hits the fan! Sometimes, I cannot control what happens, and neither can you! That is why we need to plan and prep what we can to make things go smoothly!  I try to do everything I can so the next morning can be a successful one! Check out my tips to make mornings easier..I got you!

1. Set out Clothes

Every evening, I look at the weather report for the next day and then I will pick out Little Man’s clothes and have Curly pick out her clothes before they go to bed.  I then will bring them to the living room and will set shoes out they will probably wear.  This eliminates a lot of time in the morning, deciding what to wear and changing minds too.  Curly loves to pick out her own clothes, and always looks cute, but maybe a little mismatched!   I also set out my clothes as well, sometimes I really struggle getting moving, so every little bit helps!

2. Go through book bags/Set out things to bring

During the school year, I make sure to look through Curly’s backpack for papers and also double check if there is anything important either of them needs to bring the next day.   I will then make sure all items are gathered and ready for the morning.  Some examples are bags for dance or soccer practice, or pool day at daycare.  Also, if Little Man needs diapers or wipes at daycare, I try to set them right by the door.  This is another way to hopefully minimize morning stress!

3.Set out vitamins and breakfast items

Another thing I do after the kids are in bed, is set out the vitamin tote, glasses for juice, and breakfast items on the table.  I try to  remember to ask Curly what she wants the night before, and set out what I can.  Before I started doing this, we would waste so much time deciding what to eat!  Little Man will always say “no” to most things, so it helps him too because he doesn’t have a choice..haha score 1 for Mom!!

4. Make a list for the next day

Sometimes, when I know I have a lot to do for the next day, I will get out a sticky note and make a to-do list.  I will put it on my wallet with my sunglasses and rings in my spot at the table.  This helps me feel prepared for the day ahead and helps me to stop worrying if I will forget what I need to do.

5.Set out bathroom items

When I am brushing my teeth before bed, I will take that time to set out things I will need to get ready the next day.  I usually set out my face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen.  I will also set out my contacts and a headband.  I just feel like this is another step that helps me be a little more efficient in the morning!

Go ahead and try one of these ideas and see how much easier your morning can go!  Let me know what kinds of things you do to prep for the next day in the comments below!  Every little bit helps, especially when you have more than just you to get ready!  Remember, we are all in this together! We got this!

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