Simple Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Simple Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

During this rocky time in everyone’s life, it is so important to try to stay positive! It is even more important to find ways to eliminate stress if we can. Stress can be so overwhelming and overtake many parts of our lives, including our health.  Here are some ways that I like to try to reduce stress in my life and make my mental healthy a priority.  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

  • Talk to others about your worries, or just talk to others about anything! Sometimes it just helps to get your worries off your chest and to hear reassurance from others.  Also, it just helps to feel connected when you can talk with others about normal. day-to-day things.  I like to catch up with my family and co-workers each day.

  • Find a hobby! Hobbies are a great way to keep busy and feel good about what you do with extra time.  They are also something to look forward to! There are so many hobbies you can chose from if you do not already have one! See the link below on an article about an article about some to try! I already have items for knitting and tie-dying at my house..we will see if I start either! Buzzfeed 27 Starter kits for Fun Hobbies

  • Organize your life.  Take this time to go through and organize little parts of your house or office.   Pick one area to work on at a time and to go through.  You can put items into piles of trash, give away, and keep.   I always feel so good about life after I have organized something that desperately needs it.



  • Journal. A journal is a good way self-reflect on how your day or week went and to remember things that happened.  You can also use a journal to write down things you are thankful for, what you want to pray about, and make goals for yourself. See the link below on how to start making writing a journal part of your routine.

          Article from Self Magazine: How to Start Journaling

          Article from Bustle: Tips for Making Journaling Part of your Routine

  • Clean.  Cleaning is always so satisfying for me! I love to live in a clean house..even though it is almost impossible with 2 kids and 2 pets!  Pick a couple tasks each day to do, or if you have time, do a deep cleaning of your entire house!


  • Create a schedule.  Creating a schedule is a great way to organize your day and help you to remember what to do when.  This is also important if you are currently at home with your kids.  Children thrive on schedules and routine! It can help the days run so much more smoothly if everyone knows what to expect each part of the day.  See my blog post about my stay-home schedule.

  • Phone or video call loved ones.  This idea connects to talking with others, but focuses more on people or family members you may not be able to see everyday.  My kids and I love to video call grandparents and show them how they can do somersaults and ride their bikes and I know they love to see the kiddos too!


  • Get outside! The fresh air and sunshine can really brighten a bad mood. I love to just go outside for a walk or sit on my front porch or deck and watch the clouds go by.  Also, yard work is another great way to get outside and get something accomplished.  Doesn’t it feel good to see a weed-free flower bed?

  • Exercise.  Exercising can help you to feel better about yourself! I always feel so much better about my appearance even if I only exercise for a couple days in a row.  Plus, it is good for you!  Find a YouTube video ( I recommend Madfit, she has quick and thorough work-outs to songs) or exercise regimen you like and get started! Or just start going for walks, with your family, dog, or just by yourself!  It is a great way to unwind and let your mind wander.

  • Listen to music.  This is another pastime that I love to do! I use Pandora or Amazon Music (I have Amazon Prime) and I have my own personal playlist that I created.  I will listen to it when I am working, cleaning, playing with the kids, or relaxing in the tub and it really can boost my mood or keep me motivated.

  • Read.  I love to read and need to start reading more! There is nothing like getting lost in a book and escaping reality if only for a little bit!  Also, don’t forget the most important book, your Bible!  I always feel so much more at peace and connected to God when I read my Bible daily.  There are so many good stories and verses that can help to calm your worry and reassure you that God loves you and is bigger than any of your problems!  See my post on Best Fantasy Books for Young Adults or 5 Books You Won’t Put Down!

  • Pray. Praying is one way I give my worries and fears to God.  It is so easy to say little prayers through-out the day if you are struggling with something.  Just stop what you are doing and say a prayer so you won’t forget to later.   Sometimes when I do this I feel instantly more calm and at ease knowing that God heard my troubles and is on the move.

  • Watch a favorite movie or TV show.  At my house, we are movie-people!  There is no better way to relax than to sit down with some popcorn and watch a new or old favorite!  I do have to say, with everything going on, I do prefer movies with happy endings!  Another thing that I like to do to is catch up on YouTube videos! I started watching a few years ago when we didn’t have cable and I was home for a couple weeks after my tonsillectomy.  See my blog post on some of my favorite YouTubers.

  • Take deep breaths or meditate. This is one that is easier said than done!  I try to do this from time to time if I am really overwhelmed, and many times it does help, especially when paired with some good music!  Try to take really big “tummy” breaths and try to relax.

  • Spend time with your kids.  Sure kids can be frustrating, believe me, I know! But often times, they are  not as worried like we are, and we can learn something from their care-free attitude!  Read a book, play a game, or go run around outside with them!  They will enjoy spending time with you too!  The other weekend we played a whole-family game of hide-and-seek..let’s just say there were a lot of laughs involved, especially since Little Man doesn’t understand had to be quiet when hiding!

  • Pamper yourself. Set aside some time for yourself and take a warm bubble bath, do a face mask, or paint your nails!  I also love to have a sweet snack, like a malt or piece of chocolate!  I always feel more relaxed and ready for whatever else is coming my way!

Please do a few if not all of these things if you are feeling overwhelmed! It is so important to take time for yourself!  Remember to leave some of your favorite ideas in the comments!  We got this!

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