How to Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones

How to Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones

In this time of isolation and quarantine, even us introverts may start to feel alone and disconnected.  The world is in such a surreal place right now, more than ever do we need to feel part of something and that things are still somewhat normal.  Below are some easy ways to keep in touch with others you may not usually see, or that you are used to seeing daily, but no longer can.  Leave a comment below on what you are doing to stay connected with others!

  • Call

This is very simple and straight forward..give someone a call!  Call your mother (and father), your brother,  your sister, and your friends! If you need to make a schedule for yourself on who to call when, go ahead and do it! I used to put it in my to-do list to get a hold of an old friend so I wouldn’t forget to!

  • Text

Very similar to calling, but a little easier in the way that you can think more about your response or take as long as you need to have a conversation. Some people are constant texters and some people are not..I am not! I would rather talk on the phone or in person. But I will still send a quick text every now and then to some of my friends to see how things are going.

  • Video Call

This is something that my family has just recently started since my parents decided to quarantine themselves.  We try to video call a couple times a week so they can see the kids and the kids can see them.  I will say it is nice to see them when we are talking, but it is not my favorite to see myself on video..who else is with me? We use the app Google Duo and it has been pretty good so far.

  • Start a family or friend chat

My family has had a family chat for over 2 years, and it has came in handy, especially during this time when we want to share videos and pictures to stay in touch.  We first started it when we were planning a surprise party for my mom.  It has also used it for our family vacation information and sharing of events and things.  We use the app WhatsApp. You can invite whoever you want to a group and then name each group accordingly.  It is an easy way to keep in touch with several people at a time.


  • Use Social Media

I do have to admit, I am not a big social media person, even though I do post and scroll on Instagram from time to time.  It can be good way to stay connected with others and see what they are doing by what they post and comment on.  Just don’t forget not to get sucked in and lose track of time.  I am for sure a victim of that!

  • Start a private Shutterfly website

This is something I have utilized in the past for my preschool classes.   You can create a website, or Share Site, with pictures and journal posts and then share the link with whomever you want.  If you want to make it private, then when they try to view it, they have to have your permission.  This way you can control who sees and comments on your pictures and posts.

  • Write a letter or card

The old-fashioned way to stay connected! I remember when my mom would have me write notes to my grandparents for various occasions and also all the thank yous..ugh! I also had pen-pals growing up.  So, buy some stationary or blank cards and write down what is going on in your life, what the weather is like, anything you want and send it to a friend or relative!  Have your kids write letters or draw pictures to send as well. Everyone likes getting mail!

  • Drive-by

There are so many creative “drive-by” parties and celebrations people are doing!  My family did a “drive-by” birthday for my oldest niece.  We all went to her house and parked in the yard then rolled down the windows and sang her to her and gave her our gifts, she felt pretty special!  Another one I saw in my neighborhood was a 60th wedding anniversary.  There was a big sign in their yard that said, “Honk and Help us Celebrate!”

  • Side-walk Chalk Drive-ways

This is something I heard about on the radio on my way to work.  This family was getting out their chalk and walking to their friends’ and neighbors’ houses and drawing beautiful pictures and encouraging words on their driveway!  This is such a kind and special thing to do for others when we can’t actually visit with them everyday!

Remember to try a couple of these each day and week.  It is so important to keep in touch with others! Remember, we are all in this together and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We got this!

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