Mom of Two Afternoon and Night time Routine

Mom of Two Afternoon and Night time Routine

I love to hear and see other Mom’s routines and day-in-the life posts and videos.  There is something interesting about it to me, to see what their routines are and seeing what they plan to do, and if their kids cooperate LOL.  I always try to take some ideas that I like and incorporate them into my daily routines with my kids!  Below is the routine I currently have with my kids when I am off work and pick them up from daycare.  Some days vary, depending on what is going on, but this is pretty much it!  Enjoy!

3:30 PM:

I get off work and go pick up my kids from their daycare rooms and head to the car.  I usually get Curly first and then Little Man and then attempt to get them to walk nicely to the car.  We then head home!  On the way home I will turn on some music and ask them about their days, who they played with, what they played with, and if they did anything special that day.

3:45 PM:

When we get home, I try to get everyone inside quickly with all our stuff.  Some days are easier than others!  If I get Curly to carry some of her stuff and get her out first and to the door, then all goes well.  If I mistakenly get Little Man out first and Curly takes forever getting out and grabbing her stuff then he usually runs around/away and I lose my mind!  He is at that age where he thinks running away from Mommy is great fun..he doesn’t always realize that Mommy means business!

4:00-5:00 PM:

After we get inside and get all our things put away (It is the kids’ job to hang up their coats, bags, and put shoes away) and wash our hands, we will either have “homework time” or play time.  I usually gauge their energy levels and see which one should come first.  If they are bouncing off the walls we go for play time.  When it’s nice out, we go outside and ride bikes, run around, or play in the sand.  If it’s chilly and rainy, we will play inside with magnatiles, coloring, or whatever else they want.  After about 30 minutes, I will have Curly do some “homework.”  This is when she will do a math or literacy activity, and I will usually sit and engage with her.  Little Man will sometimes want to join in, so I will get him puzzles, beads and string, or another hands-on activity.  See my post on preschool learning activities to get some ideas for your kiddos!

5:00-5:30 PM:

This is the time where I will make supper, if I have not already done so.  I will usually let both kids have a little T.V. or tablet time also.  During this time, I will also set the table, dish up plates, and check on a load of laundry if one is needed.  Then we are ready to eat!

5:30-6:00 PM:

Supper time! We will all come eat together at the table!  Usually, once a week, I will let the kids eat supper in the living room at their little table, while we watch a movie, as a treat.  After we are done eating, I have the kiddos get into their pajamas or if it’s bath night, jump in the tub.

6:00-6:30 PM:

Daddy is home..woot woot! When he gets home, he will usually warm himself up some supper and come sit with the kids in the living room.  We will finish getting dressed for bed, and have some playtime.  Around 6:30 PM, both will go and brush their teeth and then head to bed.  My husband and I take turns putting each child to bed each night.  I really am spoiled having him home every night right now.  Usually, he would have bowling and bible study and be gone for bedtime two nights in the row, and I would have no back-up if things went crazy! Props to all parents who usually do bedtime on their own each night, you are awesome!

7:15-8:00 PM:

Usually, both kids are in bed by 7:15 PM, and then it is adult-time..yay..we made it!  My husband and I take turns doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.  Then it is time to start a load of laundry or move it over and fold and put away!  We also try to swiffer our main floor during this time. I make sure to take care of my cat for the night as well.  After all our chores are done, I will usually go take a bath or shower.

8:00-10:00 PM:

There are lots of different things we do during this time period, depending on the day.  Some nights we watch a movie, some nights a TV show (Right now we are watching The Middle..we find it hilarious), some nights we sit on our porch together, some nights we play a game, some nights we watch separate movies…it just depends!  I usually try to be in bed around 10 PM, but am usually later!  I think I boycott bedtime, because I wish I didn’t have to get up so early every day.

There you have it, my friends! My afternoon and night time routine!  It doesn’t always go according to plan, and times are approximate, just like always when you have kids!  The important thing is, I have a plan and routine for my kids to (maybe) follow.  Remember to leave a comment about what you thought and how your nights go! Make sure to check out my morning routine post as well!

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