My Simple Work-Day Morning Routine

My Simple Work-Day Morning Routine

We all have our own routines for our mornings.   Mine is somewhere in the middle of rushed and carefully planned out.  It really depends on if I can get out of bed on time and if my children cooperate! Lately my boy has been not wanting to get dressed and screams, “Jammies on!” and “I no get dressed!” and will legit wrestle me, trying to escape his clothes…such a lovely way to start each day!  Please take a look at my morning routine and let me know how yours is different in the comments!

6:00 AM

My alarm goes off and I try to get out of bed as quickly as possible.  Some days I can get up right away, and some days I fall back asleep and don’t wake back up until my husband’s alarm goes off.  I am really trying to work on this! #thestruggleisreal I then head into the bathroom and put my contacts in and wash my face.  After I apply moisturizer, I will get dressed and fix my hair.  Then, I put on deodorant and put on a little bit of concealer and eyeliner and call it good!  If I can get moving fast enough, I will also try to read a chapter or two from the Bible.  I used to be really good at it, but have fallen out of routine.

6:30 AM

I go and prep mine and the kids’ toothbrushes in the hallway bathroom so they are ready to go.  Next, I usually pour juice for both of them and get their vitamins out, along with allergy medicine for Little Man.  I try to drink some water and take my vitamin as well.  Then, I feed and water my dog and get my shoes on.  Also, somewhere around this time, I say good-bye to my husband.  He has been working 10 hour days  so he leaves pretty early.

6:40 AM

Next, I put the dog out and go get the kiddos.  I almost always get Curly first, sometimes she is still sleeping, and I will bring her to the living room and lay her next to the heat vent, then go get brother. Usually he is already awake and is talking in his crib.  I bring him into the living room and get him dressed while she gets dressed on her own.  I always make sure both of them get their shoes on as well so that part is done!  We then all head to the dining room to sit together to eat and have a little morning chat about our day.  During this time, I also may try to put any dishes away from the night before.  I like to have a clean house when I can!

7:05 AM

I try to have the kids finish up breakfast and we head to the bathroom to brush teeth.  This can be easy, or a struggle.  Curly does pretty well, she just has to focus more on what she is doing.  Little Man will sometimes refuse to brush his, but has been doing better since we bought him an electric toothbrush.  I will also brush my teeth and try to have Curly go to the bathroom if she hasn’t already.  I will also try to fix her hair, if she lets me!

7:15/7:20 AM

We then go put on our coats and grab whatever else we need. I make sure the dog is in and has water.  I also will make sure all the curtains are open (I love natural light!) and my bedroom door is shut (The dog likes to go in and eat out of the bathroom trash..yuck!)  Then we head to the car and make our way to daycare and work!

7:25 AM

We arrive at daycare and I drop both kids off to their rooms.  I always give kisses and hugs and say “I love you” and tell them both to make good choices.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Then I head to my room.

7:30 AM

Work! I made it! Time to high-five a kid or co-worker and let out a big sigh! Now I just have to get through 8 hours and then pick up the kids and go home.  Not that hard, right?

Hopefully, you can tell that my mornings don’t always go great, so don’t feel bad if yours aren’t always awesome either!  Don’t let it wreck the rest of your day, I try not too! Make sure to check out my post on what I do the night before to prep! Remember, we are all in this together!  We got this!

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